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…introducing CeaRO…

CeaRO Corporation

What CeaRO does…

The CeaRO Corporation was established many years ago as a starting point for a discovery journey into everything web development and computer related.

The CeaRO web sites were in the first place a testing ground for studying developments and new tools in the worlds of web development and FOSS (Free and Open Source Software).

And to a large extent that is still the case.

Currently, late 2013, that includes our initial steps in experimenting with a WordPress based blog (which you are reading now), a starting point for a social network (based on elgg) and a cloud environment (based on eyeOS).

Meanwhile we have also developed  a few web sites for clients, either separately with design, development and graphical elements provided by CeaRO Corporation, or with graphical design by daVinci Inc., or with graphical design and site layout design by the client.

We strongly concentrate on use of web standards and systems based on top of them. Standards such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP. Systems such as a PHP server back-end framework (CakePHP) with a relational database (MySQL) and JavaScript frameworks and libraries front end.

Here are a few links which are useful starting points when looking into some of the items mentioned earlier:


The world of web development and design is an ever expanding moving target. Which is what makes it so exiting to be part of.

Do you want to enjoy the ride together with us?

Chris Rogiers for CeaRO Corporation, December 8th, 2013

Chris Rogiers