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The CeaRO web sites were in the first place a testing ground for studying developments and new tools in the worlds of web development and FOSS (Free and Open Source Software).

Although I dissolved the CeaRO Corporation, and the cearocorp.com website was abandoned, I have kept the cearoweb.com web site and intend to further develop it.

Web Sites

In the past I have developed  web sites for clients, either separately with design, development and graphical elements provided by CeaRO Corporation, or with graphical design and site layout design by the client.

I strongly concentrate on use of web standards and systems based on top of them. Standards such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP. Systems such as a PHP server back-end framework (CakePHP) with a relational database (MySQL) and JavaScript frameworks and libraries used in the front end. Rather than jumping from framework to framework I prefer to work with what is called ‘Vanilla JS’, to ensure maintainability in the long term.


Free and Open Source Software encompasses both software and operating systems. For myself, to a very limited extent, I use two proprietary operating systems. A MacOS system on a dedicated low end machine is used for 24/7 email access and for financial transactions. A few Windows 10 systems are kept up to date for the sole purpose of occasionally using some specific and rare accessories and being ready to try out FOSS software on Windows.

But all my other systems run diverse Linux distributions, either directly, often through use of multi-boot boot loaders, or in a virtualized  environment. Phones and tablets used are Android systems, with Android being Linux in its own right. For always having quick access to the internet on a system with keyboard (with other words a light, small laptop) that I can close and open, staying on where I left off I also use a ChromeBook. ChromeOS is also a Linux type system.

The reason for using a diversity of Linux distributions and several different window managers is my intent to stay aware of new developments and trends in the FOSS world. Therefore I install the same new and/or updated software on these different systems.

I would strongly advise against dismissing FOSS as being software only usable on Linux operating systems. There is FOSS software available for practically every field of application and moreover lots of it is available and identical in use for Linux, MacOS and  MSWindows.

Good to Know

Here are a few links which are useful starting points when looking into some of the items mentioned earlier:


The world of web development / design and FOSS is an ever expanding moving target. Which is what makes it so exiting to be part of.

Do you want to enjoy the ride together with me?

Chris Rogiers, cearoweb.com, April 8th, 2018

Chris Rogiers


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